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The Patriot family of companies traces its roots back to 2012 with the establishment of Patriot Homecare. Since then, we’ve expanded our services to include Patriot Hospice and Patriot Palliative. Nestled in the heart of Northeast Ohio, we feel privileged to guide many individuals back to health and wellness.

Early on, we recognized the need for additional support beyond what standard insurance coverage could provide. Driven by our commitment to bridging this gap, we launched Patriot Cares in 2022. As a nonprofit organization, Patriot Cares is dedicated to offering a range of resources and services to empower vulnerable members of our community on their journey towards wellness or a peaceful end-of-life experience.

Our continuous philanthropic efforts are particularly focused on assisting senior citizens and their families and fulfilling the final wishes of those navigating the twilight of life’s journey. Through these efforts, we’ve significantly enhanced the physical and mental well-being of our community.    

Patriot at Home is committed to the health of those in the communities which we do business.

We have found that there can be obstacles that limit our full potential of providing adequate care. Many patients have specific needs that insurance does not cover, or they cannot afford. Some examples would be medical equipment, medical dressings, medications, food, or utilities. These are common needs that Patriot Cares will focus on fulfilling..  

Patriot at Home has also launched our very own Hospice named Patriot Hospice. Patriot Cares is excited to be able to grant  hospice patients a “last wish” in a loving and personal way during such a difficult time. Some last wish examples would be to provide funds for a loved one to visit from out of state and have a proper goodbye, or a patient just wants to see their favorite team play one more time. 

Our hearts overflow with the ways in which Patriot Cares can impact our community and the lives of the patients we serve.

Patriot Cares relies strictly on fundraising and donations to fulfill our mission:

Striving to improve the wellness of our community by providing resources and inspiring hope for a healthy future.

Board of Directors

Kevin Root, Patriot at Home

Susan Davis, Patriot at Home

Ken Mcbride, HD Davis CPAs

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