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Patriot at Home In the News – Brothers Take a Leap of Faith

From Business Journal Daily – May, 2024

GIRARD – Greg and Sean Davis waded into the import-export business about 15 years ago, purchasing 60,000 handheld alcohol breath testers from China for $9,000.

The brothers had always wanted to have their own business. “We had zero experience, but we read some stuff and thought, ‘Yeah. We can totally do this,’” recalls Greg.

The venture never took off, but the desire to own a business didn’t go away. Later, Greg, who was working as a medical device salesman, noticed that his immediate family had the makings of a small, home health care agency.

His wife was a registered nurse, and Sean was a physical therapist.

In 2012, Sean and Greg, along with family friend Craig Colton, founded Patriot at Home in Girard. Patriot gets its name from the fact that all three are veterans of the U.S. military: Sean and Greg served in the Navy, and Craig served in the Army.

“It was a leap of faith. It was a big move,” says Sean.

The founders faced numerous hurdles in the early days, including balancing full-time jobs and family life while establishing their business. They met with Tony Ianucci at the Warren Business Exchange, which provided them with crucial support, including free office space.

It took a year and a half to gain accreditation, but the community’s support was instrumental to their success.

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