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How Patriot Homecare leveraged WellSky CareInsights to enhance operations and outcomes

Patriot Homecare‘s culture is focused on growth. Greg Davis, Co-Founder and
President of Business Operations, highlights that their chief strength is having a
highly motivated team that’s invested in enhancing the organization. As a veteranowned,
skilled home health provider in northeast Ohio, Patriot Homecare believes
the best way to grow is by providing exceptional patient care, which requires
running their operations like a well-oiled machine.

However, maintaining the agency’s disciplined care operations became increasingly
challenging as the COVID-19 pandemic forced staff to suddenly work remotely
and created new barriers to visiting patients in their home. Jodi McHenry, Vice
President of Operations, recalls how care teams raced to come up with new
methods to triage their typically elderly patients who were fearful and likely
at higher risk of COVID. As the pandemic became more severe, Patriot
Homecare saw their census drop by over 100 patients.