Has healthcare come full-circle? Why there’s a renewed interest in physician house calls.


The growing percentage of Americans over 60 with chronic health conditions has fueled a shift back to primary care physician house calls.

Homebound older patients have a tougher time making it to their doctor’s office for routine visits, particularly without help from caregivers; often their children.

Further, with the cost of overnight hospital stays in Ohio averaging $2,500, Medicare and insurance companies are covering house calls for qualified patients to lessen the risk of more expensive hospital treatments later.

To avoid complicating health conditions and higher expenses, receiving routine care is crucial; even if it’s in the patient’s home. House calls strive to reduce the number of hospital visits by making sure patients keep up with medication, receive the care they need in a timely manner and are living in a healthy environment.

House call services also open the door for a better dialogue between patients and their medical providers. In a relaxed home environment, patients may feel more comfortable talking in-depth about their medical issues. Receiving a house call can be the difference between a patient’s struggle to make it to his or her appointment, and the relief of knowing a medical professional will come to them.

Here’s how they typically work.

Price and Eligibility
If it’s a difficult, physical chore to make it to a physician’s office, you may very well qualify for house call services. Costs for approved house call services are no different than they are for in-office visits, and Medicare and most primary insurances cover them.

Most treatments and diagnostic tests that can be done during a physician office visit can be done in one’s home. Chronic disease management, X-rays, labs, IV therapy, pulmonology and cardiology consultation, prescription management and more can all be conducted safely and easily on a house call visit; as can many follow-up needs, such as physical and occupational therapy, wound care, and other skilled nursing services.

Patient Benefits
House calls allow patients to receive medical attention from the comfort of their own home. This also alleviates the stress or inconvenience of leaving the house for an office visit. Caregivers and family members responsible for an elderly person’s appointments will be less burdened. Patients receive the same, if not a higher level of care in-home compared to an office appointment.

Physician Benefits
The change in scenery and personal touch of a home visit can heighten the patient-physician level of trust. By being able to observe the living environment and family of the patient, it leaves room for broader diagnosis explanations. A deeper understanding of patients can be found when visiting them in their home.

House calls can be an efficient and beneficial way to receive medical care. Contact Patriot Home Care today at 1-330-306-9651 to see if you or a loved one qualify.