How much does an in-home health care visit cost?


If you or a loved one have trouble getting to doctors’ appointments or therapy sessions, in-home medical services may be for you. And you might be pleasantly surprised by the cost.

In most cases, health insurance providers cover qualified medical services performed in a patient’s home. Sometimes there are no out-of-pocket costs, depending on the plan. If the patient meets the eligibility requirements for in-home care, then Medicare or Medicaid may cover the cost. Most health plans, as with private pay, are also accepted.

In-home care has many patient benefits; convenience and cost being among them. As with most healthcare decisions, patients have the ultimate choice as to when, how and where they receive medical care. Skilled nursing and occupational and physical therapy are no exception.

Receiving routine medical care can prevent future hospital visits

Unfortunately, some patients forgo treatment when symptoms are more benign because they don’t have the means to get to the doctor’s office – or they don’t want to burden a family member or caregiver. When those untreated conditions worsen and they end up in the emergency room or in extended hospital stays, the costs to the healthcare system skyrocket.

With appointments, these patients have a greater chance of staying out of the hospital, and away from hefty hospital bills. Further, in-home healthcare also eliminates the risk of exposure to other sick patients in a physician office setting.

Medical professionals realize benefits when treating patients in their homes. Some feel home visits can create a positive environment to encourage better dialogue, leading to a deeper connection with their patients. The ability to assess living conditions can also help professionals confirm or dismiss a certain diagnosis.

What kind of services are available in the home?

Home care includes skilled nursing, physician or nurse practitioner visits, lab work, chronic disease management, occupational and physical therapy, X-rays, IV therapy, wound care, prescription management, and more.

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