Primary Care in the Home

Patriot Housecall provides high-quality in-home primary care services throughout Northeast Ohio.

Patriot Housecall – Primary healthcare in the comfort of your own home

The growing number of homebound patients with chronic health conditions has helped drive a resurgence in primary care physicians offering house call services, such as Patriot Housecall. Here, qualified patients can receive virtually all the services a physician would normally provide in the office, but in the patient’s house, apartment, nursing home or assisted living facility instead.

Our mission at Patriot Housecall is to keep patients from going to the hospital unnecessarily. Instead, we prefer to keep patients home for the longest period of time and with the best quality of life.

Why our patients choose Patriot Housecall

Patients who are homebound sometimes have a difficult time making it to their doctor’s office. This is oftentimes due to illnesses or a lack of transportation. Further, patients who miss doctor’s appointments or let symptoms linger can often see their conditions worsen and lead to longer, more expensive stays in the hospital.

With Housecall, most treatments and diagnostic tests that can be performed during a physician office visit can be done in a patient’s home.

Housecall services

  • Chronic disease management
  • X-rays
  • Labs
  • IV therapy
  • Pulmonology and Cardiology consultation
  • Prescription management
  • Follow-up visits
  • Skilled nursing
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy

Are you or your loved ones eligible for in-home primary care?

In-home primary care is available for homebound individuals, and qualified patients typically have their treatment covered by health insurance much the same as they would at a doctor’s office visit. The best way to determine if you qualify is by contacting Patriot Housecall at 330-980-9009.

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